❝ It is not your role to make others happy; it is your role to keep yourself in balance. When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you.

You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.
Abraham Hicks  (via yeshecholwa)
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An ode to 1970’s skater girls. 

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The Shape of Ideas

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The Starry Night Close-Up Vincent Van Gogh

Closer than you can get in a museum to examine each detail and brushstroke! Art masterpieces available in megapixel format via Google Art ProjectA collaboration with museums large and small, classic and modern, world-renowned and community-based from over 40 countries. Together they have contributed more than 40,000 high-resolution images of works ranging from oil on canvas to sculpture and furniture.

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